NEW FOR 2013
March 1, 2013
March 20, 2013

Whenever a fashionable person finishes off an outfit, he or she will add just the right tie or the perfect necklace or scarf. It might have been a boring ensemble until that last touch was added and then the whole outfit comes to life!

Well, interior design is the same way, accessories are the “jewelry” to finish a look. It might be a spectacular lamp, a hand-blown glass bowl, a custom piece of art or sculpture or the perfect candlesticks. Whatever , the space requires the right accessory can make all the difference.

There are hundreds of accessory lines and while I was in Las Vegas for Winter Market, I took pictures of some of my favorites. The key is imagining what that perfect piece of “jewelry” would be and then knowing where to go to get it. That’s what a good designer can do for you.

So dust off those ratty looking bookcases full of clutter and lets create a new look with some old favorites and some new fresh picks!


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