July 13, 2014
August 11, 2014

Have your ever gone into a plain white bathroom? It’s boring, it was no personality and somehow the big white toilet just isn’t the “bling” that sets the room off! It’s amazing what a little bit of paint can do in the hands of an artist. I recently worked on a lovely house in Pebble Beach. It was all white including the master bathroom when we started. It had nicely made cabinetry, large stone flooring, a big jacuzzi tub and interesting light fixtures. But the room was boring, it had no pizazz! I brought in Master decorative painter, Conlon Keator, who studied in Europe. Conlon worked his magic and applied paint that looked exactly like a stone wall with a beautiful arch. Now the room “popped” and was oozing with personality. The light fixtures made sense and the cabinetry blended with the other elements. This bathroom went from boring to “Oh Wow”.

Commercial buildings can get the same lift from a new exterior paint facelift. Lovers Point Inn in Pacific Grove started out as Pepto Bismo pink. The owners wanted to update their image and attract guests that appreciated all the work they were doing to their 50 year old motel. We decided to incorporate the ocean which was across the street and capitalize on nature’s beauty. We created a spa look and feel to the exterior with our paint choices and it really modernized the whole atmosphere of the motel. On another commercial building on Fisherman’s Wharf, we gave the Carousel Candy Store a new look by brightening up the color scheme and popping out the lettering so the name really pops out.

So whether its inside or out paint can make all the difference between boring and fabulous. Remember to plan your pallet so it flows through your house, office or exterior. Create your statement with paint!


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