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March 1, 2013

Welcome to the world of interior design seen thru the eyes of a seasoned designer of 33 years in business. What business is that you might ask? Its Design Works, Ltd. creatively owned and operated by Pamela Marie Meyer since 1980. Wow, that’s a long time you might think and you would be right. It also means I’ve seen a bunch of changes in design styles as well as the business itself.

Believe it or not, I started before computers were used, everything was hand-written. Yes, people actually did business that way! Of course now you can’t exist without a computer and the Internet, so that has changed the design business in a huge way.

Now we source product thru the internet and our factory websites and we can email bills and estimates and order online. However, one thing cannot be replaced and that is the creative eye of a good designer, the feel of the perfect sofa or seeing the exact shade of velvet in person. Our clients still need us to have a vision for their homes or offices, to select just the right pieces to make their rooms come together and to know where each of those pieces can be found at the best prices.

To that end, I am always meeting with representatives of manufacturers to see the newest products and going to Home Furnishing Show Markets to discovery the latest and greatest pieces. I recently went to the Las Vegas show and I wanted to share with you things that I saw.

At the end of the day when you are tired and weary don’t you just want to put your feet up and flop into your favorite chair? Well here you go, three of the most comfortable chairs we’ll ever want to sit in. Night! Night!

Stay tuned for next weeks “Brand New Thing”


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