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Design Works, Ltd. in partnership with another designer developed a Builder’s Package to assist both builders and their clients in a systematic and organized way to select all the items necessary to create a beautiful new or remodeled home.

Selecting flooring, paints and wall treatments, fixtures, cabinetry, lighting just to name a few can be a daunting task. We take the anxiety out of all those choices. We find the perfect items in budget that will enhance the style of the home.

We help builders become a cut above the norm by providing professional assistance to their clients plus a system to use with their subcontractors that will keep the job on track and without costly mistakes. We give their clients a sense of security that they have made the right choices in their selections and receive the most for their money.



Stage 2 is a division of Design Works, Ltd. that works directly with Realtors and homeowners who are trying to sell a property. Stage 2 uses tiered approaches from a simple declutter appointment to a full scale staging with furniture, artwork and accessories.

When simple remodeling is required to update the house, Stage 2 can assist in selections of paint, tile, granite, flooring or whatever is necessary to ready the house for resale in the quickest timeframe for the best budget.

Even in tough housing markets, Stage 2 has been able to help bring quick sales with beautifully enhanced interiors. We paint a visual picture with upscale furnishings for the potential buyer which translates to higher sales prices for the seller.



Design Works, Ltd. was established in 1980 in the Bay Area and after 28 years of successful designing relocated to Carmel in Oct. 2007. In the Residential arena, Design Works Ltd. designs interiors encompassing space planning, drapery treatments, furniture, reupholstery, wall treatments, flooring, and accessorizing from contemporary to traditional styles.

The firm works on large scale jobs involving a whole house or remodel to the makeover of a single room. Listening to the client, gathering the elements for the very best interiors and creating an environment that the client is pleased to live in is the ultimate goal.

In Commercial interior design, emphasize is placed on public appeal and functionality. Assessments are made regarding the needs for a specific space whether it is a medical office, a model home sales office or a lobby and individual offices for a big company like Dow Chemical. Each element is carefully considered for use and appearance and generally presented to a group for approval. Design Works, Ltd. is accustomed to working in that format where diplomacy is critical to moving a project forward. When a work environment is more pleasing everyone is happier and more productive…



Design Works, Ltd. is working with several local Inns and small Hotels in updating their overall offerings to their clients. We create inviting lobbies which enhances the first impression and continue throughout to upgrade the individual rooms..

We make suggestions on color schemes and incorporate those colors with the bedding, upholstery, artwork and window coverings. We have the ability to do container pricing for furniture or design each room as a variation of a theme unique unto itself. We work with architects and contractors on space planning and interior room arrangements.

We also develop exterior paint schemes that coordinate with the surrounding area as well as define the theme and character of each individual property. Each property will stand alone as its own unique image.